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The neighborhood highlight

★The latest information of Yuzawa-machi is this → Yuzawa-machi tourist association homepage

Iwahara skiing area Iwahara skiing area
It is long-established store of skiing area, Iwahara skiing area whole view. We are popular with snow boarders. Besides, we consult with Kandatsu Heights, seven places of skiing areas including Gala Yuzawa about convenience of customer by pickup and drop-off guidance. (an 8-minute walk)
※Pickup and drop-off are OK to skiing area. Various rental existence.

Vast Genta canyon Vast Genta canyon
Among Nature, boat play of vast Genta lake and lakeside promenade walk are fun, too. (by car ten minutes)
Whole-day-unlimited-ride "leisurely issue" convenience (300 yen)

Yuzawa fishing park Yuzawa fishing park
It is fishing pond which used river of large-scale nature which does not look at example elsewhere which can enjoy full-scale mountain stream fishing easily. It is no charge for admission. (/ 15-minute walk running in fishermen's association)
Whole-day-unlimited-ride "leisurely issue" convenience (300 yen)

Village of Arp Village of Arp
Is 166 world's largest-passenger ropeway while admiring panorama of Nature; approximately seven minutes. We can come across approximately 1,000 kinds of rare alpine plants. We can be refreshed with clear air. (by bus eight minutes)

Gold Echigoyuzawa golf course Gold Echigoyuzawa golf course
We do the beauty separated by Osugi more than 60 years years old
Is; plateau course (18H, soft-headed 72, 6,190m)
We stay for one night, and pleasure is doubling by golf leisurely, too.
(by bus ten minutes)

"masudomari" popular having a swim in a river 5-minute walk   

Half-day tour
During period to 4/1 - 12/10, please apply in more than 15 people. "seitsukyokeitani" of the Japan's three biggest valley guides visit of large Katsura (natural monument) of 2,000 years years old, snowy district strangeness tree building visit, other neighborhood famous places.
※It is excluded in GW, the 7/20 - end of August.
※Admission of customer burden.

Firefly visit
Until from the end of June to August about the beginning. Simultaneous boisterous dance of firefly is seen.
(by car five minutes)
※There is pickup and drop-off guidance (reservation required)

The Sea of Japan
It is in distance of 80 minutes by car. It is the beautiful sea including stony land beach!

Ceramic art experience
Ceramic art "Asahi kiln"

Whole-day-unlimited-ride "leisurely issue" convenience (300 yen) (in the bus stop "experience-based studio "large Genta")

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