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Echigoyuzawa Onsen, hot spring guest house
Urako-no-Yu  Takanoya
TEL. 025-787-3054
FAX. 025-787-5112


Of the past
"Country dishes"
"Yuzawa cuisine dishes"


I provide vegetables of self farm crop and Koshihikari from Uonuma.
"Yuzawa cuisine dishes" and country dishes, "Koshihikari dumpling hotpot" of local production for local consumption are popular.

Dishes <dinner> Dishes <dinner>
"Koshihikari dumpling hotpot" of favorable reception (for nobody) An example of Yuzawa cuisine dishes
(4/10 - 12/15 for a limited time)
Dishes <dinner> Dishes <dinner>
"Finest pork shabu-shabu" of favorable reception (reservation required)
(as for the winter period only on weekdays)
An example of "Yuzawa country dishes"
(4/10 - 12/15 for a limited time)

An example of dishes for banquet Example (reservation required) Yudofu, Sue seasoning and broiling fowl on a board, stewed dishes for banquet are included.
Set dishes Macrophotograph of dishes

Funamori (special / reservation required) Funamori photograph
Banquet room Funamori
Banquet room Banquet room

Menu (tax-included price) of drink
Famous sake (cold) etsu*kanume (1 go) 750 yen
Famous sake (cold) Hakkaisan (1 go) 550 yen
Famous sake (cold) giraffe mountain hot (1 go) 650 yen
Close famous sake (cold); chotsuru (1 go) 650 yen
Plum (1 go) during famous sake (cold) snow 750 yen
Famous sake (cold) Kubota extreme longevity (1 go) 1,800 yen
Treasure shochu purely (720 ml)   1,620 yen 1,5
Treasure shochu intellect feeling sword (720 ml)  2,160 yen 1
 Hakkaisan U.S. shochu    The 2,300 yen current price
Red wine (300 ml) cabernet so vinyon, merlot 500 yen
White wine (300 ml) so vinyon buran, Pedro Jimenez 500 yen
Beer (large bottle) 650 yen
Sake (2 go) crane age (local sake) 650 yen
Sake (1 go) crane age (local sake) 400 yen
Soft drinks 150 yen

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