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Echigoyuzawa Onsen, Urako-no-Yu
Hot spring guest house  Takanoya
TEL. 025-787-3054
FAX. 025-787-5112

With weekdays only advantageous winter plan lift ticket is this 

Period Guest room type One two people One three people One four people
Weekday Japanese-style room (with bath and toilet) 8,640 yen 8,420 yen 8,100 yen
Japanese-style room 7,780 yen 7,420 yen 7,240 yen
Day before holiday

8/11 - 14
Japanese-style room (with bath and toilet) 9,720 yen 9,190 yen 8,640 yen
Japanese-style room 8,100 yen 7,780 yen 7,420 yen
12/30 - 1/3 Japanese-style room (with bath and toilet) 10,800 yen 10,270 yen 9,720 yen
Japanese-style room 8,640 yen 8,100 yen 7,560 yen

※It should be ..., check-out 10:00 at check-in 15:00.
※We accept reservation in more than two people. (on weekdays, as for the 1 other people, possible)
※We prepare advantageous lift ticket (exchange ticket) for the winter season (discount considerable with ticket for exclusive use of hotel guest)
※It costs bath tax 150 yen separately. (more than junior high student)
※The rate mentioned above in the case of 6-tatami Japanese-style room room entrance per adult of (include / consumption tax including / sa with half board)
  It is rate. (the number of people except infant) (in the case of large room, rate changes.)
※As the hotel charges have change by consumption tax rate revision, we confirm at the time of reservation by all means
※It is primary schoolchild 6,480 yen, Japanese-style room 7,560 yen with bath and toilet. (meal like adult)
※When meal (for child) is necessary for infant (preschool child); 2,700 yen (two meals). (reservation required)
※When bedclothing is necessary for infant (preschool child), it costs one set of 2,160 yen.
※Doing is free meal bedclothing nothing in infants (preschool child).
※Without meals rate places dinnerless 1,730 yen, 1,080 yen with no breakfast from the rate mentioned above
  It is amount of money that we subtracted.
※There is an extra charge for advantageous plan including "banquet plan" "plan with pickup and drop-off".
※We accept additional order for dinner in 2,160 yen ...
  (bathing charges distinction including case that does not come to stay in company)
※Amenity (Japanese-style room): Towel bath towel, toothbrush, yukata (only as for adult)
※Amenity (Japanese-style room with bath and toilet): Towel bath towel, toothbrush, yukata (only as for adult) ・
  Shampoo body soap
※Amenity (hot spring bathhouse): Shampoo body soap conditioner comb passes; abando (ladies' bath)
 ・Cotton swab, cotton (ladies' bath), shower cap (ladies' bath), mustache sled (men's bath)
※Spread futon of the skiing season in visitors for from December to March. But
 As you want and spread futon more, please report.
※It is said that time for dinner is until from 18:00 to 20:30.
※It is said that time for breakfast is until from 7:30 to 9:00.

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